Intelligence Indeed RPA digital employees can help manual operations with repetitive and well-defined work tasks, reorganize work processes to make employees more efficient, and accelerate enterprise automation and digitization processes.
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With smooth and stable products and effective solutions, Intelligence Indeed has provided digital products and services to over 1500 enterprises in e-commerce, communication, finance, government, and public services.
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Process Automation
RPA Robot
A lightweight and flexible client software that is also an execution terminal for automated processes, providing the necessary environment and conditions for the normal operation of processes.
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RPA Commander
The control center for resource scheduling and data management assists users in multi-dimensional business data monitoring and full lifecycle management of process tasks.
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AI-Brain Platform
An intelligent workbench that integrates data annotation, model construction, training, and publishing, providing intelligent learning and decision-making capabilities for robot process automation.
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Artificial Intelligence Scenarios
Enable understanding, extraction, and review of unstructured document content. Suitable for text analysis and review of documents, forms, cards, etc.
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RPA Chatbot
A one-stop AI intelligent dialogue robot system based on natural language understanding and knowledge graph, constructed using deep learning technology.
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AI-Call Platform
By combining multiple technologies such as intention recognition, semantic understanding, and multiple rounds of dialogue, we provide intelligent outbound calling strategies and smooth Human-Machine dialogue capabilities.
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Support SQL for data management, multi-dimensional data analysis, and rich data visualization presentation.
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Policy Calculator
Realize intelligent analysis and dynamic matching of policies through policy graphs, enabling quick and accurate matching between policies and enterprises.
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