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Judicial Digital Employee
Strengthen the Guarantee of Digital Reform, and Digital Employees Promote Faster Development of Judicial Work
Applying artificial intelligence and automation technologies, guided by digital reform, to accelerate changes in judicial quality, efficiency, and motivation, and comprehensively construct a new model of digital justice
Industry Pain Points
Our Advantages
Industry Pain Points

High Demand for Services

People's legal awareness has increased, and the number of court cases has become increasingly prominent. There is a common problem of backlog of cases and inability to handle them in a timely manner within the trial limit.

Strict Approval Process

The strict requirements for judicial processes result in lengthy business processes, low execution efficiency, and difficulty in improving satisfaction with judicial services.

High Material Professionalism

The writing of judicial materials is highly professional, the content review is rigorous, and the efficiency of manual material processing is low. There is an urgent need for intelligent tools to assist.

Scenario-Based Solutions
Court Digital Employee
Public Security Digital Employees
Notary Office Digital Employee
Perform Automated Property Queries
Automatically perform a total network property query on daily new cases.
Automatically Fill in the Case Trial Status
Automatically backfill case information in the trial business system based on the trial situation, without the need for judges to manually input each case.
Intelligent One Click Archiving of Case Information
When the case is closed and archived, it automatically determines whether the electronic file of the case meets the archiving requirements, and automatically fills in the file archiving information to initiate an archiving application.
Real Time Query of Data for Flow Control Personnel
Automation enables real-time queries on hotel personnel information to identify potential fugitives or drug users. The system generates immediate warnings and facilitates rapid action.
Anti Fraud Assistant
Automate various processes using RPA robots, including record acquisition, certification approval, and screenshot creation. This automation facilitates the anti-fraud assistant function.
Automatic Urging of Cases
The use of intelligent and automated methods has transformed case reminders from manual offline phone calls and website reminders to robot automated reminders. This has automated the entire reminders business process and information synchronization.
Pre Acceptance Auxiliary Robot
The notary assistant spends a lot of time answering questions to the public, and also needs to prove that the original and electronic document content is entered into the legal information network system. The workload of input and proofreading is relatively high. This process, combined with AI's ability to recognize electronic documents, helps the notary assistant to automatically complete proofreading and input work.
Collection Assistance Robot
Judicial assistance personnel need to collect and organize relevant information on the trial platform based on the case number during the case collection process. This process requires simple mechanical actions such as manual input and query. The use of robot automation can greatly improve processing efficiency, and only manual review of the results is required.

Professional solutions and advanced products help you easily embark on an automated office journey.

Our Advantages
Flexible Digital Workforce

Flexible deployment of digital employees in various judicial work scenarios, 7 × Respond to work needs 24 hours a day, ensuring stable and efficient operation of processes.

Powerful Document AI Model

A professional document review AI model based on deep training can quickly and accurately review various professional documents, improving material process efficiency.

National AI+RPA Technology

Fully support the national information and innovation strategy, fully adapt to the domestic software and hardware ecosystem, and achieve independent and controllable judicial digital technology, security and stability.

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