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Tobacco Digital Employees
Strengthen the Role of Data Empowerment and Promote the Digital Transformation and Upgrading of Tobacco
The digital transformation of tobacco is a strategic measure to implement the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, an important engine to accelerate the modernization construction of the industry, an inherent requirement to serve and integrate into the new development pattern, and a powerful lever to empower the transformation and upgrading of the industry.
Industry Pain Points
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Industry Pain Points

Low Efficiency in Manual Business Processing

Optimization is needed to reduce excessive human involvement, enhance efficiency, mitigate human risks, and standardize business processes in order to overcome the lack of digital and intelligent innovation.

Digital Assets

Due to systematic differences in data sources across multiple departments, including data generation, collection, storage, and processing, these data sources have different data formats and are difficult to integrate and share.

Incomplete Risk Management System

Insufficient technological innovation and sharing in the tobacco industry chain hinder effective management and supervision, leading to imperfect systems and lack of standardization.

Scenario-Based Solutions
Customer Service Digital Employee
Data Asset Cockpit
Intelligent Digital Employees
Intelligent Review and Evaluation of One Volume Per Item
The AI-based one-volume intelligent review system automatically verifies form files, ensuring logical consistency, field accuracy, and file integrity. It aligns with provincial bureau requirements, supports 8 procurement types, and enables automatic and human-machine interaction for review and evaluation. The process is transparent with traceability and includes regular spot checks and cross checks.
Intelligent Control of Procurement Risks
With AI+RPA super automation, an embedded browser connects the procurement system, OA system, and offline processes, covering every step. Human-Machine interaction enables rule prompts, automatic evaluation, and volume formation in the procurement process. It identifies issues beforehand, allowing timely corrections and enhancing file quality.
CRM Order Automatic Entry
By analyzing order and sales data, comparing with historical records, we can identify abnormal order information for sensitive brands, regions, and customers in the market. This helps detect illegal cigarette sales behavior, provide case clues, and support decision-making on supply placement for the monopoly department.
Analysis of Data Assets for Intelligent Cigarette Placement
AI-based cigarette placement supports the municipal bureau in planning, managing, and evaluating intelligent placement. It digitizes consumer behavior data for better decision-making.
One Stop Intelligent Automation Portal System
Using intelligent AI automation RPA technology, a unified portal for intelligent automation is implemented, enabling businesses to streamline processes and manage digital employees efficiently. It automates repetitive tasks, supports customization, integrates multiple systems, and allows for flexible additions of functions.
Financial Digital Employee
Financial digital employees automate connections with enterprise systems for economic analysis, reconciliation, tax reporting, and account tracking. AI modules automate financial report analysis, bill recognition, and contract review.

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Leading Technology

Fully self-developed AI technology and RPA technology, with industry-leading number of granted invention patents.

Complete Qualifications

Possess national high-tech enterprise and national information security level protection three-level certification.

Mature Plan

Mature digital solutions for the tobacco industry, helping to improve tobacco quality, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Establish a procurement risk intelligent control platform based on RPA+AI, non-invasive interface with procurement systems and OA systems, achieve automatic supervision and standardization of procurement processes, notify each node of processing time limits and precautions in advance, automatically remind risks during the process, and automatically document and review afterwards.
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IDP Document Review
Automation of Risk Control Processes
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