Intelligence Indeed RPA digital employees can help manual operations with repetitive and well-defined work tasks, reorganize work processes to make employees more efficient, and accelerate enterprise automation and digitization processes.
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With smooth and stable products and effective solutions, Intelligence Indeed has provided digital products and services to over 1500 enterprises in e-commerce, communication, finance, government, and public services.
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Government Digital Employees
Reform Breakthroughs, Innovative Development, and Comprehensively Creating a New Situation in the Construction of Digital Government
AI+RPA digital employees assist in building an overall collaborative, intelligent, efficient, and stable digital government, promoting high-quality economic and social development, continuously enhancing the people's sense of gain, happiness, and security, and providing strong support for promoting the modernization of the national governance system and governance capabilities.
Industry Pain Points
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Industry Pain Points

There Are Data Barriers

There are many working systems in government departments, and the data transmission between systems is not perfect enough. There are data barriers, resulting in low work efficiency and high labor investment.

Strengthen the Application of Information and Innovation

Information technology and innovation are vital for data security, network security, and advancing infrastructure. Governments prioritize their development as a key focus.

Increased Job Requirements

To enhance the national governance system and meet the evolving demands for a better quality of life, there is a need to construct a digital government that meets new and higher standards.

Scheme Architecture Diagram
Scenario-Based Solutions
Statistics Employee
Policy Calculator
Human Resources and Social Security Digital Employee
Intelligent Report Statistics Employee Plan
AI+RPA technology will separately write preparation, review rules, and standardized processes into the automated process of report statistics, achieving the connection between business indicators and automated processes, achieving Human-Machine collaboration, and automated business operation. Digital employees can quickly and accurately complete report preparation and review work, improve work efficiency, provide scientific data support for economic development, and promote the rapid development of the new economy and industrial clusters.
Intelligent Identification of Policies and Precise Intelligent Matching
Governments face obstacles implementing policies for businesses. Previously, it was "enterprises seeking policies", but with policy calculators, it's now "policies seeking enterprises". These calculators, powered by advanced AI+RPA technology, construct policy graphs and inference engines. They intelligently analyze and precisely match economic policies to enterprises, unlocking their value and creating a favorable business environment. With policy calculators, enterprises can quickly find the best-matched policies, minimizing time and cost. Integrated with RPA robots, they streamline policy aggregation, matching calculations, notifications, and declarations across systems, providing comprehensive assistance for businesses. This transformation deepens the three services and fosters a thriving business environment.
Smart Human Society Digital Solution
The 2022 government work report focused on strengthening digital government construction, promoting data sharing, reducing certificates, and improving cross-provincial communication. It also aimed to facilitate electronic certificate exchange, enhance cross-regional business operations, and address public concerns in remote areas. However, there are challenges in finding service entrances and obtaining proper guidance. Intelligence Indeed's AI+RPA platform offers an intelligent and automated solution for government automation. Our digital employees streamline business processes, providing efficient and visible results at a low cost. They assist in handling repetitive and complex tasks, improving business quality and efficiency.

Professional solutions and advanced products help you easily embark on an automated office journey.

Our Advantages
Non intrusive integration of existing systems

RPA automatically completes all workflow processes by simulating manual operations, enabling functional operations on all existing systems within the organization without the need for secondary development. No intervention, no impact on existing information system configuration.

AI+RPA deep fusion

Integrating the new IPA from a functional perspective, it deeply integrates various industry-leading AI capabilities, allowing digital employees to identify and operate tasks such as images, documents, work orders, and tables, and possess a certain degree of decision-making ability.

Comprehensive support for innovation and information security guarantee

Fully support domestic information and innovation systems, with high security delivery standards for software, systems, algorithms, and models. Fully support government organizations' security and other security requirements, and comprehensively ensure government information security.

Digitizing employee technologies and implementing institutional changes can transform the statistical bureau's operations and services, addressing workforce gaps, enhancing statistical quality, achieving government efficiency, reducing lower-level burdens, and optimizing quality and efficiency.
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