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Industry Encyclopedia>The main algorithm flow of OCR technology
The main algorithm flow of OCR technology
2024-07-10 16:24:10
OCR technology is a technology that converts text in an image into an editable and searchable text format.

Its main algorithm process usually includes the following steps: Image preprocessing: First, the input image will go through a series of preprocessing steps, such as denoising, binarization, smoothing, etc, to improve the image quality and improve the accuracy of character recognition.

Layout analysis: Next, the OCR system performs layout analysis to identify the layout and structure of the image, such as text lines, paragraphs, tables, etc This step helps to locate and identify individual characters more accurately in the future.

Character segmentation: After layout analysis, the OCR system attempts to separate the characters in the image from the background and other characters.

This is usually achieved by edge detection, projection and other techniques.

Feature extraction: For each segmented character, the OCR system extracts a series of features, such as contour, corner point, pixel density, etc These features are used for subsequent character recognition.

Character recognition: Based on the extracted features, the OCR system uses machine learning models (such as neural networks, support vector machines, etc) to recognize characters.

These models are often trained and optimized on large amounts of data to improve the accuracy of the recognition.

Post-processing: Finally, the OCR system performs post-processing steps, such as character correction, lexical analysis, semantic understanding, etc, to further improve the accuracy and readability of recognition.

These steps may involve validation, error correction, and formatting of the identified results.

In general, the algorithm flow of OCR technology is a complex and fine process, involving the synergistic effect of many links and technologies.

With the continuous development of machine learning and deep learning technology, the performance of OCR technology is also improving, providing us with a more convenient and efficient text recognition solution.

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