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M&G Chenguang Stationery, a Top Stationery Compan

As spring arrives and the school season begins, my nostalgia for the "new term, new weather" remains, despite having been a corporate slave for years. I can still recall the days when my pencil case was adorned with Morning Glory stationery.

Now, as the prominent Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Sales Co. Ltd., known as the "domestic stationery sector big brother," expands its omni-channel marketing network, it has become a comprehensive company that integrates research and development, production, and sales of stationery, paper, office supplies, and daily necessities.

With the rapid growth of Chenguang Shanghai's e-commerce business, the logistics supply chain, particularly related to refunds and interceptions, has become increasingly complex. Managing thousands of refund orders and intercepting shipments or recovering in-transit goods in a timely manner is crucial to minimizing losses and costs.

To address this challenge, Chenguang Shanghai has recognized the need to automate mechanical tasks and streamline their business processes. The current manual approach to after-sales service, specifically logistics interception, is time-consuming, prone to errors, and affects operational effectiveness and efficiency. The issues mainly revolve around scattered orders, laborious manual processes, and delays in order handling.

With the demand for automation and the need to control manpower and management costs, Chenguang Shanghai is eager to implement business process automation to free up employees for more valuable work and achieve cost reduction and operational efficiency. For this reason, Chenguang Shanghai has partnered with Intelligence Indeed to deploy their RPA-Logistics Intercept digital workforce, which offers a reasonable cost, quick development cycle, ease of learning and deployment, and aligns perfectly with Chenguang's business needs.

By deploying Intelligence Indeed RPA, Chenguang Shanghai expects to increase efficiency by 20 times and accuracy by 100%. The "Logistics Interception" digital workforce, authorized by merchants, can automatically log into the back office, collect and analyze data, and handle massive orders seamlessly during peak periods. It enables automated batch monitoring of order information, quick response to return and exchange requests, and timely interception by linking all logistics systems. The digital workforce ensures continuous updates of interception statuses and reviews, resulting in a 100% overall accuracy rate.

Previously, Chenguang Shanghai required two employees to spend at least one hour per day per shop on logistics interception. With the introduction of the "Logistics Interception" digital workforce, only one employee is now needed to monitor interception data across the entire platform shop, making the process over 20 times more efficient than manual labor.

The adoption of Intelligence Indeed RPA-Logistics Intercept Digital Employee has significantly reduced the operational costs and manpower investment of Chenguang Shanghai's e-commerce business. With its capacity for innovation and seamless implementation, Intelligence Indeed RPA has already been successfully deployed in top enterprises such as Midea, Haier, Snow Brewery, Perrier, Jieshou, Marumi, Zhouheiduck, and Fuana. It provides a stable and long-term automation solution for enterprises' digital transformation and intelligent construction. In the future, it is expected to expand its reach across various business scenarios and functional applications.

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