Intelligence Indeed RPA digital employees can help manual operations with repetitive and well-defined work tasks, reorganize work processes to make employees more efficient, and accelerate enterprise automation and digitization processes.
Why Intelligence Indeed
With smooth and stable products and effective solutions, Intelligence Indeed has provided digital products and services to over 1500 enterprises in e-commerce, communication, finance, government, and public services.
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A Digital Talent Training Platform Integrating Industry, Academia, Research and Education
The skill training that absorbs advanced practical experience from enterprises, cultivates students' digital skills, provides a basic guarantee for graduates to get started immediately, and achieves a win-win situation among schools, enterprises, and graduates.
Industry Background
Our Advantages
Success Cases
Industry Background
The market's demand for digital skills for the new generation of talent is increasing
Digital technology education needs to keep up with the times and develop towards more comprehensive intelligent technologies.
Building an Integrated Digital Talent Training Platform for All Industries
Scenario-Based Solutions
For Engineering Majors
For Business Majors
For Direct Digital Leaders
For Majors Such as Computer, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence
Digital professionals focus on building technical expertise.
Training Objectives
Offering professional training in digital tools for real-world automation and intelligent application development. Also providing industry-specific AI training to meet real business needs in commercial application development.
For Financial Accounting, Business Administration, and Finance
Flexibly utilizing data technology to support or improve work efficiency in various fields of work.
Training Objectives
Through professional training and basic application of digital tools, students can familiarize themselves with real business scenarios in advance, and master the process organization of real business, as well as be able to achieve automation and intelligent applications using low code methods.
Targeting Core Digital Talents in Enterprises
Digital leading talents and backbone talents can help enterprises establish a strong understanding of digitalization.
Training Objectives
Overall understanding and development of top-level planning and business practices. We need to drive the transformation process from top to bottom, while continuously exploring and constructing more efficient business improvement and innovation scenarios from bottom to top, in order to achieve the expected transformation results and business benefits of the enterprise.

Professional solutions and advanced products help you easily embark on an automated office journey.

Our Advantages
Flexible Educational Products

A fully self-developed educational product that can customize composite functional modules according to teaching needs, with teaching cases covering various industries such as finance, manufacturing, energy, communication, and government affairs.

Full Link Talent Cultivation

Open up the entire chain of talent cultivation, certification, and employment (entrepreneurship), create a collaborative cultivation model of professional theoretical and practical abilities, and provide applied professional talents for society.

Leading Technology

Fully self-developed technology covers multiple fields of automation (RPA) and intelligence (CV machine vision, NLP natural language), with over 40 invention patents granted.

Success Cases
Intelligence Indeed partners with Zhejiang University's School of Management to establish an intelligent finance research base and develop cutting-edge finance courses. Our aim is to support the national economy, promote high-quality economic development, and advance intelligent theory and talent development in China's accounting, finance, and investment sectors.
Intelligence Indeed and Mountains.
Intelligence Indeed and Jilin University School of Mathematics have signed a strategic cooperation agreement, creating a professional social practice base for students and fostering a high-quality platform to enhance literacy, promote school-enterprise cooperation, and drive economic development.
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