Intelligence Indeed RPA digital employees can help manual operations with repetitive and well-defined work tasks, reorganize work processes to make employees more efficient, and accelerate enterprise automation and digitization processes.
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With smooth and stable products and effective solutions, Intelligence Indeed has provided digital products and services to over 1500 enterprises in e-commerce, communication, finance, government, and public services.
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Manufacturing Digital Employees
Deep Integration of Digital Technology, Digital Employees Driving the Reconstruction of Competitive Advantages in the Manufacturing Industry
By Deepening Digital Technology
Industry Pain Points
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Industry Pain Points

High Labor Costs

The demographic dividend disappears, the manufacturing cost advantage gradually disappears, and the shortage of labor further causes high labor costs for enterprises, making cost reduction and efficiency increase a challenge.

Multiple Business Systems

From supply chain management, production management, transportation management to financial management, there are many information systems in manufacturing enterprises, and the transmission interface is not perfect. The system collaboration efficiency is low.

Intensified Market Competition

How to effectively utilize data assets to improve product quality, reduce costs, and improve efficiency has become a key issue that manufacturing enterprises need to face.

Scenario-Based Solutions
Production Scenario
Supply Chain Scenarios
Financial Scenario
Workshop Attendance Data Statistics
By implementing RPA digital employees, automatic attendance data collection and statistics work can greatly improve attendance efficiency, bring great benefits to frontline management, and effectively reduce the daily work pressure of attendance specialists.
Contract Information Review and Entry
Contract automatic review and uploading, intelligent review covering 95% of contract content, with an accuracy rate of over 80%. Compared to previous manual rough review, the review fields and scope are more rigorous and compliant, resulting in an overall efficiency improvement of 500%.
MES Mounting Product Process
Industrial semiconductor production requires each product to be manufactured through hundreds of production lines and processes, and the generated data cannot be manually maintained. All of it is handed over to the MES production execution system. Therefore, before being put into production, robots pre maintain the MES system's mounting product process, which improves processing efficiency by at least 10 times and greatly reduces manual operation risks.

Professional solutions and advanced products help you easily embark on an automated office journey.

Our Advantages
Efficient System Collaboration

Flexibly connect various business systems to connect global data in a non-invasive manner, significantly improving system collaboration efficiency and data transmission efficiency.

Improving Quality and Efficiency in Management

Automate and intelligentize traditional business processes to achieve standardized operation of processes and effective accumulation of human experience.

Mining Data Value

Analyze and predict the full chain data of procurement, production, and sales to better understand the production process and market demand, and make better decisions.

In July 2021, the application of Al+RPA digital employee technology improved the efficiency of the finance and sales departments. It has been successfully implemented in multiple projects, reducing communication costs, improving business response efficiency, and enhancing staff productivity through the CoE Center of Excellence foundation. AI is now being implemented in real business scenarios.
Products Applied:
Intelligence Indeed RPA Suite
AI-OCR Ticket Component
Process substitution Rate
Business Efficiency Improvement
Improving Work Efficiency
The company launched the RPA project in 2021 and has been applied and promoted in multiple subsidiaries and business departments, aiming to improve employee efficiency and work quality, reduce enterprise costs, and enhance enterprise competitiveness by automating repetitive, standardized, and low value tasks.
Products Applied:
RPA Factory
Improved Response Speed
Process Substitution Efficiency
Data Processing Accuracy
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