Intelligence Indeed RPA digital employees can help manual operations with repetitive and well-defined work tasks, reorganize work processes to make employees more efficient, and accelerate enterprise automation and digitization processes.
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Retail E-Commerce Digital Employees
Digitalization Empowers Efficient Operation of Retail E-Commerce Across Platforms
Faced with increasingly fierce market competition, retail enterprises are transitioning from a product oriented business philosophy to a new market oriented and consumer centered business philosophy. Retail enterprises urgently need to rely on AI and data for a living
Industry Pain Points
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Industry Pain Points

Low Operational Efficiency of Multiple Stores

E-commerce business involves multiple platforms, stores, and products, and operators need to spend a lot of time on maintenance. There is a lot of repetitive work, and employees have a low sense of gain, resulting in low operational efficiency and unstable personnel.

Slow Response to Market Changes

The large number of dealers themselves makes it difficult to unify the control of event prices, while the large number of competitors from external stores makes it difficult to calculate price competitiveness. The rapid changes in market demand require merchants to respond quickly and promptly.

Difficulty in Cross Platform Data Management

Retailers generally have multiple sales channels, and their business decisions rely on a large amount of data. They lack comprehensive platform data precipitation methods, poor timeliness, and are unable to achieve refined operations

Scheme Architecture Diagram
Scenario-Based Solutions
Global Data Operations
Platform Operations
Customer Service Operations
Digital Intelligent Report Statistics Digital Employee Plan
RPA robot simulates operators and automatically logs into the backend of major e-commerce platforms to obtain multi-dimensional operational data such as brand traffic data, sales data, promotion data, after-sales service data, and user data. It also summarizes the data from multiple platforms into Excel and produces various types of operational reports for enterprises to make business decision analysis.
Multi Platform Product Loading and Unloading
Operators face numerous e-commerce platforms and require daily maintenance of information on products that have already been launched, or continuous updates, resulting in heavy and repetitive workload.
Order Reconciliation
RPA replaces operators who need to log in to various e-commerce platforms every day to download bill details, log in to the OMS system to download order details, then compare bills, and hand over abnormal bills to a dedicated person for handling.
Order Change
Each platform initiates an address modification application, and RPA replaces customer service personnel to log in to the ERP system to check the shipment status of the order. If the order has been shipped, it is necessary to keep track of the logistics information of the order and conduct timely transit delivery, spending a lot of effort to ensure timely delivery of the order.
Comment Analysis
The enterprise implements the customer-centric principle and attaches great importance to the comments on various platforms. Especially for negative feedback information, it needs to be located in the responsible department for follow-up processing. This scenario requires dedicated after-sales personnel to update and statistics the data.

Professional solutions and advanced products help you easily embark on an automated office journey.

Our Advantages
7 * 24 efficient operation and quick response

E-commerce needs 24/7 response. Humans are costly, but robots monitor platforms in real-time without downtime.

Process standardization, data 100% accurate

When robots execute according to rules, there will be no harm to the company's interests caused by human error, such as incorrect platform listing information.

Full process one-stop digital intelligence analysis platform

Our platform combines RPA, Lite DS, AI, and BI to provide data dashboards and applications for all roles, supporting data analysis and decision-making across departments and levels.

Success Cases
Digital employees greatly enhance timeliness, effectively assist in agile decision-making, achieve multi-platform and multi-system data interconnection, complete data collection, analysis and verification, empower the entire closed-loop business, reduce data management costs, and ultimately achieve refined e-commerce operations.
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