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Intelligent Aviation Revolutionizes Operations:

Shenzhen Airlines, one of China's top five aviation groups, has become a prominent symbol of the "Shenzhen business card" alongside the region's growth as a Special Administrative Region. As an industry leader, Shenzhen Airlines has been dedicated to ensuring aviation safety and improving service quality for over 30 years. With a record of flying over 6 million hours and transporting nearly 40 million passengers annually, the airline has earned prestigious titles such as "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands" and "China's Most Influential Brands" in the aviation industry.

As of May 2022, Shenzhen Airlines operates with 8 branches, 6 bases, 71 domestic and international sales offices, and a fleet of over 200 aircraft. The airline not only serves as an important gateway for economic, trade, and cultural exchanges in Shenzhen but also emphasizes digital transformation to achieve higher efficiency, superior customer experience, and sustainable competitiveness. By embracing digital technology as a strategic priority, Shenzhen Airlines is committed to becoming a leading digital airline in China.

The company's comprehensive digitalization efforts encompass various aspects of its operations. The first large-scale carrier-level digital transformation project originated within Shenzhen Airlines. Recognizing the value of digital intelligence, Shenzhen Airlines has identified AI+RPA as an effective tool for its digital transformation. Through a rigorous technology selection process, the airline partnered with Intelligence Indeed, a leading provider of AI+RPA solutions. Intelligence Indeed's "AI+RPA" hyperautomation platform offers a comprehensive solution that integrates technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This platform enables end-to-end digital process reconstruction, seamless integration of intelligent automation capabilities with business operations, and supports the airline's digital transformation goals.

Shenzhen Airlines has made significant strides in leveraging AI+RPA to enhance operational efficiency. By automating various repetitive and rule-based tasks, the airline has saved over 180,000 minutes annually and achieved a comprehensive efficiency increase of 95%. The Finance Department benefits from digital employees that automate tasks such as internet banking reconciliation, billing audit, and invoicing application filling. This automation ensures accurate and timely financial processes, reduces disputes, and enables the Finance Department to focus on strategic planning and analysis. Likewise, the Marketing Committee has seen a saving of approximately 55 man-hours per month through the automated processes of offline settlement, ticket reconciliation, and flight information data processing. The Information Centre relies on digital employees to enhance data security and compliance, streamline resource allocation, and consolidate the data foundation for digital transformation.

By implementing RPA digital employees, Shenzhen Airlines has effectively addressed information synchronization challenges, broken down business barriers and process breakpoints between departments, and achieved real-time data sharing and seamless collaboration. The airline has also established a mature enterprise-level hyperautomation platform, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the civil aviation industry's "Digital Intelligence Route."

Looking ahead, Shenzhen Airlines aims to further advance its "Digital Intelligence Route" by promoting the application of AI+RPA on the ground. The airline prioritizes system stability and operational effectiveness, continuously monitoring the performance and effectiveness of its AI+RPA system. Regular adjustments, optimizations, and user feedback evaluations ensure the system's high availability and stable operation. Shenzhen Airlines is committed to fostering a culture where every department actively participates in the construction of the RPA digital workforce. Through regular training and collaboration, employees adapt to the digital and intellectual transformation stage, integrating the concept of digital transformation into every facet of the aviation business.

Embracing the AI era, Shenzhen Airlines continues to explore cutting-edge technologies, including large language models, in collaboration with Intelligence Indeed. Together, they aim to further apply large models in AI assistants, data insights, intelligent decision-making, enterprise knowledge bases, code generation, intelligent customer service, and personalized customer experiences. The integration of Intelligence Indeed's vertical large model (TARS) and large model Agent product (TARS-RPA-Agent) into Shenzhen Airlines' hyperautomation platform is expected to achieve comprehensive digital intelligence at a larger scale and at a lower cost.

As Shenzhen Airlines and Intelligence Indeed join forces, their shared vision is to lead the aviation industry with digital intelligence, propelling the airline into a new era of digital transformation.

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